I have received regular dental care and cleaning all my life. I was very surprised to learn that I had moderate periodontal disease mostly due to crowded teeth. After thorough evaluation and explanation by Dr.
FitzPatrick, I decided that LANAP treatment was right for me.
The procedure was only mildly uncomfortable with no bleeding and no need for any kind of pain medication afterward. Since the treatment was completed in only two sessions, it did not cause any disruption to my daily routine.
Now, two and one-half years later I continue my periodontal therapy and am very satisfied with my LANAP outcome.
I highly recommend Dr. Fitzpatrick and his staff to anyone who needs periodontal treatment.

Dale Nicholson
Mountaintop, PA

"It has now been about nine months since my implant work was completed, and it is well past time to thank you for your magnificent performance. I have not had a single problem with either the functioning or the appearance of my 'new mouth'.

While it obviously was not a 'walk in the park' to get the job completed, you exerted every effort to keep the discomfort to a minimum-and you were successful. Your professionalism is of the highest quality in all respects.

It has been the first summer in several years that I have been able to savor and enjoy corn on the cob and thick steaks. What a joy! Initially, I had my doubts that it would be worth all the expense, but now that the arduous work is behind me, the results prove that it was. I am immensely grateful to you and my restoarative dentist, and I would be pleased to recommend your services to anyone who is contemplating similar work."

Richard Nachman
Milford, PA

"I had been dealing with periodontal disease for a number of years, having had minor surgical procedures. When my dentist recommended that I needed extensive periodontal surgery, I was ready. I had been aware of the LANAP treatment and I am happy I did it. Dr. FitzPatrick explained everything. I had the procedure and follow-up visits and the results were great. I would reccomend the LANAP to anyone who needs periodontal treatments."

Edward S. Wicks
Clarks Summit, PA

"As you know back in 1997, I came to you with a mess in my mouth which I was close to losing all of my teeth. After all the treatments, you saved all of my teeth.

At That time I had a partial plate which I had for at least twenty five years with my front tooth on it. You suggested that instead of lugging that plate around for the rest of my life that I could receive an implant.
After thinking it over, I decided to go with the implant. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I feel as if it's my regular tooth, and I can eat anything. Also, it looks as good as my birth tooth did. It was worth every penny I spent.

Also, I want to add that during the whole time I have been your patient, you have been nothing but professional and your staff too. I would recommend anybody to your service whether its periodontics or implants. Thanks for all you have done!"

Craig E. Reynolds
Johnson, NY

" I was in the early stages of periodontal disease in June of 2011 and my dentist highly recommended Dr. FitzPatrick and a new alternative for care, known as the LANAP procedure. I had heard that the conventional method of surgery involved a scapel and cutting. I am so glad that I chose Dr. FitzPatrick and LANAP. He explained the surgery in detail, and let me know what to expect while the laser was working. I liked the idea that the laser only targets diseased tissue, leaving all healthy tissue behind with no cutting or stitches.

It involved treatment to the right side of my mouth, and one week later, the left. I was amazed at how relatively painless it was and how quickly I healed. I did not need any pain meds, only antibiotics and had to follow a plan of liquids only for one week after the LANAP. I actually felt fine after the surgery and went grocery shopping before I drove home.

After I healed from the LANAP, Dr. FitzPatrick recommended a bite guard to help with my dental well-being. I have easily adjusted to wearing it at night, and feel confident that it has helped in the return of healthy gum tissue for me. At 56, I feel that I should follow the doctor's orders if I want to take care of my teeth, and it seems to be working!

I cannot stress enough that if you are in need of periodontal surgery, that laser (LANAP) is the only way togo. Do yourself a favor and go see Dr. FitzPatrick and his wonderful staff. You won't be disappointed!

Sheila Gionfriddo
Shavertown, PA

".....I have been a patient of Dr. FitzPatrick's for over fifteen years. I visit his office every three months and have had several periodontal procedures including eight dental implants.

My confidence in his expertise, professionalism and caring approach to my periodontal disease is so absolute that just prior to my implant surgery, I changed dentists when my dentist recommended dentures.
During the six months of my implant treament, and the placement of the permanent crowns by my new dentist, Dr. FitzPatrick was in constant communication with him. I have had no problems with the implants. They look great and most importantly, I can chew everything.

While a visit to the dentist was never my first choice of how to spend the day, Dr. FitzPatrick and his staff have helped me overcome my anxiety. He has a very personal approach, gets to know his patients, always explains the procedures beforehand, and answers all my questions. Without hesitation, I have recommended Dr. FitzPatrick to many people."

Joan Howard
Swan Lake, NY

"I had always taken great care of my teeth, but still, my dentist found my teeth were loosening, and would eventually have to come out. After talking with the specialist, I was thoroughly depressed, saddened at the coming loss, and the thought of using dentures. One day, after a visit to the dental office, I was asked if I had seen Dr. FitzPatrick to assess if he would help my condition with a new laser treatment for gum disease. Since I had not, he recommended a consultation with Dr.FitzPatrick. I came away from that first meeting with Dr. FitzPatrick full of hope that perhaps I would not lose all my teeth. I really was attached to them. I agreed to try the procedure, and now, a year later, my teeth and gums are doing really well, bone is re-growing, my gums are healing, and my teeth are staying put. I also was given a bite guard. Dr. FitzPatrick told me I must grind my teeth at night, which contributed to some of my problems. Since that time, I no longer wake up with tender teeth, I sleep better and am able to eat comfortably. I feel great, my teeth look wonderful, and my smile is going to stay the same.

I highly recommend Dr. FitzPatrick's treatment - it is worth the expense, time and effort. Success rates have been encouraging. His office worked out an acceptable payment plan and also accommodated my busy work schedule. The treatment was successful and has given me my life back."

Wayne Fassett
Shickshinny, PA

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