There is strong, recent  evidence of a correlation between periodontal disease and a host of other diseases and conditions of the body, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, pulmonary disease, premature low birth weight babies and more. Scientific investigators believe this correlation comes directly from the bacteria associated with periodontitis and/or the chemicals generated by inflammation which accompany the disease process. So maybe our grandmother was right when she warned of an infection somewhere in the body, "traveling somewhere else".

    For example, studies have indicated that people with periodontal disease may be twice as likely to suffer a heart attack as people who don't. While more studies are needed,  the link between periodontal disease  and certain  other systemic diseases is real. The incentive to be tested and treated for periodontal disease is stronger now than ever! Don't wait until it hurts. Periodontitis is most often present without any pain symptoms. There may be much more at stake than your teeth.

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